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Commercial Leasing

Lease your equipment. Apply online!

We now offer convenient bin leasing through a partnership with CWB National Leasing, Canada’s Equipment Financing Experts. Lease financing is a great way to get the equipment you need to help grow your business, while still holding on to your cash and lines of credit.

If you’re looking for financing on your next bin purchase, fill in this application form today and our partners at CWB National Leasing will contact you directly.

Just started planning? Use the payment calculator to discover a payment structure that works for you before you apply.

How online financing works:

  1. Calculate an estimated monthly payment that works         for your business.

  2.  Complete a no-obligation online credit application

  3.  CWB National Leasing will reach out with a quick       credit response

  4.  Upon credit approval, if you choose to lease, CWB 

  5.  National leasing will transfer the funds to Stealth Bin ​ and YOU get your brand new bin!

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